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The International AIDS Candlelight Memorial is the world’s largest HIV / AIDS campaign, organized by 1,200 local organizers in 115 countries. There are organized events around the world that reflect the needs of the local community. The event is regularly held on the third Sunday in May. On this day we remember those who died of AIDS and have compassion with other 33 million people living with HIV+. Great effort has also been made in increase of the prevention and fight against AIDS HIV/ AIDS.
The first light for AIDS took part in 1983, when the cause of AIDS was not known yet, and several thousand AIDS related deaths were reported. Organizers would like to commemorate those who have suffered the disease and express support for people living with HIV / AIDS.
The DOM SVETLA civic association decided to support the event by asking partner institutions to light up their offices with red light, as many of them did in 2017, alternatively in another way of expressing solidarity with the theme of the event.